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Current MusikMakers offerings:


Adagio (4 years - 6 years)
Andante (7 years - 9 years)
Allegro (Andante Prerequisite)
So your kid wants to learn the piano? This is the perfect place to start! We'll tickle a few ivories while exploring musical concepts like rhythm, musical literacy, and aural skills while building self confidence, practicing perseverance, cultivating creativity, and more!
About  MusikMakerClasses:

How are our classes

Our classes are designed for both instrumental proficiency and nurturing the young musician. This means that your child will learn proper technique and the mastery of fundamentals alongside universal musical concepts like rhythm, music literacy, and aural skills all while building self confidence, practicing patience and perseverance, cultivating creativity, and more. Our curriculum is cyclical which encourages the consistency and repetition needed to learn an instrument. Our flexible pacing means that there is always going to be a good fit for your child as they progress along their musical journey.

We use a cyclical teaching strategy because our classes are designed with young children in mind.  Each week will offer the repetition that helps young children thrive along with an appropriate amount of new material.  This allows your child to feel both challenged and successful, as they solidify new skills and retain good habits. Our studio operates a little differently so your child is getting consistency across the board with instructor, scheduled time, classmates, and class structure.  We don't take long breaks or have seasonal registration deadlines.  Once you sign up for a class, it's yours until your child is ready to move up so your child can progress at the pace that's right for them.  

What is

Do grownups participate?

Yes and no! Grownup involvement breeds successful musicians. Each class is structured in a way where grownups are invited to join us for at least a small portion of the class (usually about 5 minutes). This ensures grownups are also learning a little something along the way which is important because we're not always around when your child needs assistance (i.e. home practice). Depending on age and level, each class requires a different amount of grownup involvement. Since some kids are more and some are less independent than their peers, we like to say "grownups are always welcome" so students who may need a little extra assistance from their trusted human feel comfortable asking for that. (Grownups are required to participate with 4 year olds until they are able to make it through warmups without assistance).

We have 3 levels "Adagio", "Andante", and "Allegro". Children move up through these 3 levels as they master skills (and age.)

4, 5, and 6 year olds start at "Adagio" and are ready to move up to "Andante" when they turn 7 OR when they meet all the "Adagio" requirements (typically about 12-15 months).

7, 8, and 9 year olds start at "Andante" and move up once they've mastered all the "Andante" requirements (typically about 12-15 months). Younger children who level up from Adagio will take significantly less time to master "Andante" skills.

"Allegro" is for children who have mastered all of the Andante requirements. Once children have mastered "Allegro" they're ready to move on to a private teacher (which we can connect you with).

How do students 
level up?

Program Details & Policies


Each of our classes are taught on an ongoing schedule with openings available every month. Classes are 40 minutes. We encourage you to arrive 5 minutes (but no more than 10) early to come in and get settled before your class starts.

All in class materials are provided for Musik & Play and MusikMakers classes. MusikMakers students are provided with take home teaching aids and sheet music, take home instruments are not provided.

MusikMakers classes may require a one time 20 minute intro class separate from your scheduled class. Please see the enrollment page for more details.

Please note that NO SHOES are allowed in our facility. Wearing socks is mandatory for adults and children 4 or older. We highly encourage grippy socks. We have washed loaner socks available if you forget to bring some but cannot guarantee we have your size available. We also have socks available for purchase.

Please, no food or drinks inside our classroom. Guests are welcome to enjoy covered beverages in our gathering area. We ask that all food be consumed outside our facility. Nursing and bottle feeding is okay wherever you are most comfortable. We have a lounge area set up in the back that nursing and bottle feeding parents are welcome to use.

Monthly tuition is $85 plus an initial $35 registration fee. Registration fees are waived for class transfers, re enrollment within 90 days of last attended class, and siblings of active students. Tuition does not change based on the number of classes within a month. Please see our studio calendar for scheduled closures.


Families with more than one child attending class must have both children enrolled. With the exception of "Ti" classes, Infants under 1 worn in a carrier may attend an older sibling's class free of charge; they'll even benefit from some of the sounds and movement. Grownups must remain in the facility attending to all of their children at all times.

We are a cashless facility and only accept digital payment. All active students must be enrolled through our student portal where payments are run through auto pay on the 1st of each month.

Cancellation must occur via a "drop request" through our student portal 7 or more days before the 1st in order to not be charged the following month. Verbal and other forms of cancellation will not be accepted. Be sure to complete a drop request for each class and each student you wish to unenroll. 

How to drop via the student portal:

1. Login to your account

2. In the dropdown menu select "My Account"

3. Under the student icon click "Enrollments"

4. For the class you wish to drop click "Drop Enrollment"

5. Complete the prompts and submit by clicking "Yes, please drop!"


After you've completed your request, we will notify you when your drop is complete.

To keep our staff and community healthy, please do not attend if you are sick. We reserve the right to turn you away if you or your child are exhibiting cold and flu like symptoms. Please read through terms and conditions when registering for more information.

In lieu of make up classes, we offer MusikLabs every week. Use our space and instruments to get an extra jam session in because you've missed a class or just because. MusikLabs are free and unlimited to all active students and you can easily register online through our student portal. Please note that although unlimited, students are only able to reserve one MusikLab spot at a time. Want to bring a friend to a MusikLab? No problem. Friends or siblings that are not actively enrolled may register. Registration for guests is $7 per person. Please make sure each attendee is registered as space is limited. Adults accompanying children do not need to register. Please see MusikLab policies for more details.

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