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Welcome to the MusikLab!

What is a

We provide the space and instruments and you do whatever moves you. MusikLabs are unstructured, all ages, and all ability. We encourage our active students to attend when they've missed a class, need a little extra practice, need some inspiration, or just because. Guests are always welcome to join too!

We switch out instruments and props every week and try to never repeat a discovery set. These instruments and props are in our main classroom during MusikLabs and are available for general use. We have a big red piano in our main classroom open for communal use every MusikLab. MusikMakers students are welcome to the practice lounge during MusikLabs and may reserve a keyboard or ukulele to use for independent practice.

What kinds of instruments will there be?

Who can

MusikLabs are open to all children 17 and under and their accompanying grownups. Grownups must remain in the facility attending to their children at all times. We encourage all active students to attend, but space is limited so all attendees (active students and visitors) must register to reserve their spot. Friends under 18 that are not registered for a MusikLab must remain in the gathering area. We are inclusive to all abilities, but please note that our average lab volume is around 75 decibels.

MusikLabs offer a casual environment for musical exploration and learning. SO much can be learned through a structured learning environment, but there are also benefits to a creative, self-led learning environment. We want to offer both! In a MusikLab, your child will be able to run their own musical experiments at their own pace. That might mean your infant watches a big kid play the piano, or maybe your big kid practices performing for a wide-eyed infant audience of one. We're committed to your child's musical journey, whatever it may be.

Are there
benefitto attending?

What does it

Active students (and their grownups) are welcome to attend MusikLabs for FREE. Please note registration is required and students may only reserve one spot at a time. For all other participants, registration is $7 per child. Accompanying grownups attend at no charge. Space is limited to two grownups per child.

Musik Lab Details & Policies

MusikLabs are 40 minutes. You are welcome to arrive a few (but no more than 10) minutes early. If you need to arrive late or leave early you are welcome to do that too!

Please note that NO SHOES are allowed in our facility. Wearing socks is mandatory for adults and children 3 or older. We highly encourage grippy socks. We have washed loaner socks available if you forget to bring some. We also have socks available for purchase.

Please, no food or drinks inside our classroom. Guests are welcome to enjoy covered beverages in our gathering area. We ask that all food be consumed outside our facility. Nursing and bottle feeding is okay wherever you are most comfortable. We have a lounge area set up in the back that nursing and bottle feeding parents are welcome to use.

Musik & Play instruments and props will be provided for general use. Active MusikMakers students may reserve an instrument to use for private practice at registration if they choose. 

Space is limited so please register for each MusikLab you intend to attend. Each adult needs to be registered, accompanying children do not.

We are a cashless facility and only accept digital payment. ALL attendees MUST be enrolled through our student portal. Friends under 18 that are not registered must remain in the gathering area and may not enter the classroom during the MusikLab. Registration is FREE to all active students. All other participants may register for $7. Up to two accompanying grownups may attend per child. Grownups must remain in the facility attending to all of their children at all times. Due to limited availability, MusikLab registration fees are nonrefundable.

We limit each MusikLab to 10 enrollments. Please reserve your spot if you intend on attending. MusikLabs with no enrollments 24 hours before the lab start time will be cancelled.

To keep our staff and community healthy, please do not attend if you are sick. We reserve the right to turn you away if you are exhibiting cold and flu like symptoms. Please read through terms and conditions when registering for more information.

Want to explore music with the friends of your choosing? Register for a MusikDate! We'll provide the roof, the tunes, and the instruments. The rest is up to you!

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