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Our Story

Hey, I'm Katryn. I'm a musician, a teacher, a mom, and the owner and founder of the Musikry. I studied music education and cello performance at Northern Arizona University and have over a decade experience teaching various methods and programs to students in all walks of life.


Not too long into my career, I realized I was a little bit of an outlier. I LOVED the littles, the extra young students not many other teachers wanted to take on. I loved creating a space for them and their grownups to bond and grow their appreciation of music. The idea of creating a space of my own, one that provided such deep and nurturing joy while also fostering musical growth, started floating through my head.

Then I had a kid - and then another kid - and I realized the way I, as musician, teacher, and parent, would want to expose my children to music just didn't exist in my community. A space that focuses on the child and musician as a whole person, a space that allows them time to really love what they're learning, a positive space that encourages growth, a space dedicated to the whole family's musical journey, a community music space reflective of how music is universally shared. If I wanted that space I needed to make it, both for my community and for my own children.

So I wrote a curriculum (and a business plan) that are by no means conventional, but were written with all of those things in mind. I took that decade of experience and allowed the parent in me to create something intended for today's children, grownups, and families while also staying true to my training and my love and respect of music education done well. 

I truly believe that every human's musical journey is a beautiful one no matter the path they choose. I hope to join you (and your child) on yours.

Musically yours,

Katryn Bruce

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