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A music enrichment program for
preschools and daycares.

We know exactly how to make music fun while teaching important foundational musical skills alongside developmental skills. You've already got loads to plan, MusikTime allows for daycares and preschools to offer a fun, educational program while leaving the details (and the music making) up to us. We come to your facility with a variety of instruments, props, activities, games, and of course tunes! Our thoroughly vetted and background checked MusikTime host will lead your group of up to twelve 2.5 - 6 year olds in song, dance, play, and creative discovery.


Each MusikTime will explore activities that promote musical literacy, rhythm, aural skills, and more. We'll follow the same routine every time we visit so our little friends know what to expect, but we'll change out activities, instruments, and props to keep those creative juices flowing!


Each time we visit, we'll send over a MusikTime activity guide that you can share with your little's grownups. With that activity guide, they'll be able to play at home AND they'll see the extra value your business is providing by having music as part of your services.

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