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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a class and a MusikLab?

Classes are designed for skill development while MusikLabs are designed for enrichment. Children need both for a well rounded music education. Classes are structured, instructor led, and activity based. We group classes into narrow age groups so we can better focus on stage appropriate development of the child. MusikLabs are unstructured, child led, and play based. MusikLabs are open to children of all ages and abilities and encourage creativity and social skills.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! We offer virtual gift certificates through our student portal.

What does tuition include?

Monthly tuition is $85 and includes your weekly class, free access to MusikLabs, and any sheet music or teaching aids needed to be successful in class.

Does tuition change based on how many classes there are each month?

Tuition is subscription-like and does not change month to month. We run classes 48 weeks a year so the cost is based on an annual average. Most months will include 4 classes, some will include 5, some will include 3.

When do sessions start?

We operate on an ongoing schedule. We do not have official start and end dates. Once you enroll for a class you can start that week and age/level up as your family sees fit. MusikMakers classes begin a new song every 3 weeks, we do recommend that MusikMakers start at the beginning of a 3 week song cycle.

Can I start mid-month?

Absolutely! Your first month is alway prorated .

Can I trial a class?

We offer "Demo Days" every 6 weeks for our Musik & Play classes. Students are limited to one trial class per age group. Since MusikMakers classes may require an orientation, we do not offer trials for those classes. We welcome prospective families to view a MusikMakers class before committing. Please contact us if you're interested in viewing a class.

How many students are in each class?

Classes max out between 6-8 enrolled participants (plus up to 2 grownups per child).

Are there multi-class or sibling discounts?

We do not offer any discounts for multiple classes or siblings. Instead of passing savings along to just some families, we are committed to keeping our pricing as accessible as possible to all families regardless of frequency/quantity.

Can I drop-in for a class or two without committing to a full month?

Our model doesn't support drop-ins for classes. We offer trials for select classes during select dates and drop-in availability for MusikLabs only.

What is an interest list?

Interest lists allow us to open up a class the moment we have enough friends to run that class. No payment is required to reserve your spot on an interest list. Once we have enough friends interested, you will be contacted to confirm the class still works for your family before you are enrolled.

Am I auto enrolled for the next month?

Yes! If you'd like to cancel your enrollment please let us know 7 days before the 1st of the month.

I have to miss a class, do you offer makeups?

Due to our small class sizes and narrow age groups, we are unable to offer makeups. In lieu of makeups, MusikLabs are always free for active students.

My child is about to age out of their class, what do I do?

Age is just a number. If you feel like your child is ready to move up to the next class, you're able to request a transfer through the student portal. If you feel like your child needs an extra few weeks before they move up, that's okay too!

Can I enroll my child without a photo waiver?

While we are absolutely able to accommodate for your need for privacy, enrollments cannot be made without a signed photo waiver. Our waiver is written the way it is because although we can control what WE distribute, we can't control what everyone else does (ie other participants). 


Per our operational practices, we do not take photos during tuition-based classes or between appointments without explicit consent. MusikLabs, workshops, and special events are freely photographed by our staff. During those times you can let us know that you don't want your or your child's photo taken and we will respect your privacy. We are also able to leave an internal note on your account so our staff is aware of your privacy preferences.


Here's some fine print:

We will not distribute or sell images, video, or other media for use unaffiliated with our organization. Media used on our website, social media, marketing materials or otherwise will be screened to exclude identifying information and nudity of all and any persons pictured as well as exclusion of anything we consider unwholesome.


We are not responsible, however, for any media taken or recorded within our facility or in association with our organization by participants, observers, or any other persons not operating as official Musikry agents. Distribution of that content may include mentions, tags, and other submissions to public or private pages affiliated with our organization. In those instances, we do not assume responsibility for the content distributed.

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